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School deprived Afghan girls turn to microbusiness

Externa nyheter Following the closing of schools and universities to girls in Afghanistan, those who can afford it have resorted to small investments and microbusinesses.

Adelbert Von Chamisso award winner highlights women’s voices on International Platforms

Externa nyheter Maryam Mitra, the only poet from Afghanistan, has been awarded the “Adelbert von Chamisso Literary Prize” for her literary achievements. She believes that such awards provide a platform for the voices of women through international forums.

Amnesty launches 16-Day Campaign for Afghanistan’s women on anti-violence day

Externa nyheter Amnesty International Takes Action on International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, Amnesty International has launched a dedicated 16-day campaign to address the critical situation faced by women and girls in Afghanistan.

Amnesty International’s campaign aims to amplify the voices of human rights activists, politicians, artists, protestors, and teachers, uniting a diverse range of perspectives to combat violence against women and girls in Afghanistan.

The campaign runs from November 25 to December 10, marking an essential period of activism.

GIZ Suspends Operations in Afghanistan: German Media

Externa nyheter Earlier, the ministry had said that more than 220 local and foreign aid organizations stopped operations in the past one year.

German media have reported that four local employees of The German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) have been arrested in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan, Iran form joint working group over water rights

Externa nyheter Iranian media reported that for the first time a joint working group of environmental officials of Afghanistan and Iran was formed to follow up on the issue of water rights from the Helmand River.

According to Iran’s state news agency IRNA, for several years now, water has not reached Iran’s Sistan and Baluchistan from the Helmand River in Afghanistan, and it has caused problems for the livelihood of the people of the region.

IEA Reacts to UN’s Assessment of Afghanistan

Externa nyheter The Islamic Emirate in a document to the United Nations articulated its stance towards the assessment of the situation of Afghanistan conducted by a UN team, saying that it welcomes recommendations that support the strengthening of the national economy of the country and opening of the pathway to the recognition of the “current government" and "encourages regional connectivity and transit via Afghanistan.”

Taliban Enforce New Restrictions on Wedding Celebrations in Samangan: No Cameras, No Music

Externa nyheter According to the announcement, the use of music at wedding ceremonies is strictly forbidden, and dancing and other festivities are not allowed.

Top general locked away evidence of SAS executions

Externa nyheter One of the UK's most senior generals was warned in writing in 2011 that SAS soldiers were claiming to have executed handcuffed detainees in Afghanistan.

BBC Panorama can reveal that Gen Gwyn Jenkins, who is now the second most senior officer in the British armed forces, received accounts of conversations in which members of the SAS described extrajudicial killings.

Australian who blew whistle on alleged war crimes in Afghanistan pleads guilty

Externa nyheter David McBride, a former army lawyer who revealed information about alleged Australian war crimes in Afghanistan, has pleaded guilty to leaking classified information.

David McBride was due to face trial next week, but changed his plea after a legal ruling scuppered his defence, BBC reported. McBride said he felt a moral duty to speak up after his internal complaints were ignored. A landmark inquiry later found evidence that Australian forces had unlawfully killed 39 Afghans during the war.