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Looters continue to pillage Afghanistan’s rich archaeological heritage

Externa nyheter Looting of archaeological sites is continuing, despite vows by the Taliban government to protect the nation’s cultural treasures, a recent analysis of satellite images finds.

Female Artists Promote Nuristani Engraving in Herat

Externa nyheter A number of these artist girls, after being deprived of school and university, have turned to the art of engraving.

Extraction from Herat oil field makes Afghanistan self-sufficient: officials

Externa nyheter The Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP) says after extracting the Herat oil field, Afghanistan will become self-sufficient in the gas and oil industry.

Pakistan shuts Torkham crossing for cargo trucks over visa issues

Externa nyheter Pakistan closed Torkham crossing late Friday for cargo trucks from Afghanistan over drivers lacking visas, local officials in Nangarhar said on Saturday.

Suicide Bomber Detonates Explosive in Nimroz Governor’s Office: Officials

Externa nyheter Spokesperson for the security command of Nimroz province told Tolonews that a suicide bomber detonated explosives he was wearing inside the governor’s building after being identified by security forces.

Religious Scholars, Tribal Elders Call For Reopening of Schools for Girls

Externa nyheter Some religious scholars and tribal elders of the country asked the Islamic Emirate to immediately open schools and universities for girls in the country.

At a gathering in Kabul, they said that women's presence is necessary throughout the nation and that they should have access to education.

Over two hundred religious scholars and tribal elders from various provinces in Afghanistan, along with members of the Islamic Emirate's cabinet, attended a gathering today (Saturday) at Qasre Sapidar (Sapidar Palace) with the topic "The role of scholars and tribal elders in strengthening relations between the nation and the system".

Blasts Hit Kabul, Balkh Leaving Several Killed

Externa nyheter Meanwhile, sources in Mazar-e-Sharif said that an explosion took place this afternoon (Thursday) in the city.

US Envoys for Afghanistan Briefed House Foreign Affairs Committee

Externa nyheter Two top US envoys on Thursday briefed the House Foreign Affairs Committee of the US regarding President Joe Biden’s policy of Afghanistan.

Special envoy Thomas West told the House Foreign Affairs Committee that al -Qaeda’s ability to threaten the United States from Afghanistan or Pakistan is at a low point since the group relocated to Afghanistan from Sudan in 1996.

Earthquake in Badakshan Felt in Kabul

Externa nyheter The earthquake was 6.4 magnitude and it happened 44 km SSW of Jurm district in the northern province of Afghanistan.